‚ÄčDavid Corse, LPC 

Psychotherapy. Training. Consultation.


Family Addiction Intervention

The goals of an intervention are for the addicted loved one to come to understand the effects of their behavior on others, as well as develop the hope for a change in their behavior.  With this hope, motivation to enter treatment occurs for many addicted individuals.  I work with the addicted individual and their family in connecting with a treatment facility most appropriate for their specific needs.
I work with the entire family, and come to understand the entire family system through the intervention process.  In this way, the addicted persons emotional environment (their family) creates a change process for the addicted family member.
My goal in working with families dealing with an addicted family member is to help all family members grow in their lives and relationships.  My approach allows space and flexibility for each member of the family unit to achieve a more confident and empowered place in their lives, not only in their relationship with the family member of concern, but in other family and close relationships as well.
Although the ideal family intervention of this type would include the addicted family member, their attendance is not necessary to begin and grow the change process for the family unit, the individual family members, and the addicted family member.