Regardless of the source, people can feel “stuck” in their lives. We all pass through challenges in our lives where we aren't certain what our next steps should be.... My approach to the role of a psychotherapist is that of a guide on your journey, helping to shed light into hard to see places. My approach is process oriented. Work will focus not on finding a "solution" but changing perspectives -- restructuring your approach to living.  My specialties include addictive behaviors – substances, gambling, shopping, pornography --  depression, anxiety, integration of trauma experience, complicated grief, masculine identities, and cultural constructs around consumerism and power imbalances.
Feel free to explore my website to learn more about me and my approach to working with you, and know that you can reach out to schedule a free initial consult at any time.


I have worked In the Behavioral Health Field since 2006. I consider my transition into the work to be a coming home to a philosophy and approach to others that I’ve carried for my entire adult life – setting in the intention of deepening my own and others experience as part of a deep sense of growth and meaning. I have worked in the behavioral health field as a crisis worker, crisis supervisor, crisis lines operations director, alcohol & drug counselor, problem gambling counselor, co-occurring disorders counselor/therapist, clinical supervisor, program manager, and program director. I have also practiced psychotherapy privately since 2011. Currently, in addition to my private psychotherapy practice, I provide training and consultation to other professionals in the field, clinical post-graduate supervision towards LPC licensure, and work as an operations and policy analyst and consultant for behavioral health systems.