Regardless of the source, people can feel “stuck” in their lives. We all pass through challenges in our
lives where we aren't certain what our next steps should be.... David’s approach to the role of a
psychotherapist is that of a guide on your journey, helping to shed light into hard to see places. David
believes that challenges such as addictions, anxiety, depression, and relationship strain are indicators of
being "stuck" in our personal growth. Psychotherapy helps us get "unstuck".... David’s goal is to help you
uncover your true potential and re-orient yourself towards it.
David’s approach is process oriented. Work will focus not on finding a "solution" but changing
perspective on the problem, and restructuring thinking in a way that frames it as no longer problematic.
Men's Issues, Addiction Relapse, Gambling, Shopping, Internet, & Gaming Addictions. Evening & Weekend Appointments. Video Sessions. Online 24/7 scheduling. Free initial phone consultations.

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David offers personally tailored psychotherapy for individuals and couples with specializations around depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, complex addiction – substances, alcohol, and behaviors (gambling, internet/gaming, pornography), and psychology of men and masculinities.  Feel free to explore the website to learn more about David, approaches to therapy, and services provided


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David is an interactive, relationally focused Integral Psychotherapist. David’s therapeutic approach is to provide support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address personal life challenges. With compassion and understanding, David works with each individual and couple to help them build on their strengths and attain the growth they are committed to accomplishing.  

Nature of Psychotherapy  

Psychotherapy can ease stress and trauma and enhance the quality of your life.  Emotional growth and change can be temporarily painful. Psychotherapy is a way to understand and learn from the experience of your life and change your relationships to yourself, close others, your behaviors, and your beliefs and values.  This work can prove difficult at times. Psychotherapy is not a “quick fix” but a process. David believes that humans are complicated beings and that each of us is unique. Psychotherapy is a way of changing your view of yourself and your life.
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Approach to Psychotherapy 

The primary perspective on counseling from which David works is called Integral Psychology or Psychotherapy. David draws on many theories with the goal of meeting you where you are at in your life. A component of the work will be understanding and working with the Integral approach. David believes that the therapeutic relationship is the most important part of the work.  Research has shown that the therapeutic relationship (the relationship that develops between counselor and client) is the most powerful force of change in clients' lives.   It is David’s goal to create a safe place for you to address the joys and pains in your life in a way that is accepting and free of judgment. Because of the stress and trauma that many people David has worked with have experienced, he uses the approaches that are appropriate for specific challenges. When deciding to use other approaches, he uses an Integral approach to development, which allows him to fit a therapy modality to your personality and current place in your life.
The Integral Psychotherapy perspective takes into account the many different dimensions of our existence; biological/behavioral/genetics, emotions and self-perception, significant relationships and family, impacts and effects of culture and sub-culture, personality, development of capacities, aptitudes and skills, personality type.... just to name a few.  In integral psychotherapy, the state of these different dimensions of your existence is identified through the therapy experience.  The identification of these dimensions will lead to a plan addressing your specific concerns and issues that are "tailored" to your uniquity.
The specific theoretical orientations David draws from are; existential-humanistic, gestalt, object-relations, self-psychology, family systems, narrative, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy), psychodynamic, emotion-focused and client-centered/phenomenological perspectives.
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David has worked in the mental health and addictions treatment field since 2006.  David has worked in a variety of roles during this time, including direct service counseling in agency, crisis work, and private settings.  David also has experience in program development, program and agency management, clinical supervision of direct therapy staff in agency and private settings, clinical training, and social service program administration.  Currently, in addition to his private practice – in which he provides psychotherapy, clinical training, and supervision, and professional consultation -- David works in social service administration and also serves on adjunct faculty as an instructor in local graduate school settings.  
David is passionate about psychotherapy, as well as professional development of others in the field.  He takes his roles as a clinical supervisor, consultant, trainer and educator as a core part of his professional life.
David earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Lewis & Clark College Graduate School in 2011.  David is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor III (CADCIII), Certified Gambling Addiction Counselor II (CGACII) and an Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS).



Psychotherapy involves a deeper level change process than counseling, which is driven by problem-solving “advice”. Psychotherapy with David works on deeper level relationships with personal and intimate history and current relationships, identity, culture, values, beliefs, behaviors and physical health… and orientations to those relationships…. After identifying current relationships and orientations, work on identifying desired and needed changes will come into view.

David follows a semi-structured approach to therapy based around this process.  He uses this structure in both individual and couples therapy. The structure consists of 6 “phases” as follows

Foundation – consists of initial assessment, “data” collection and relationship – recommended one or more sessions per week

Realization– work on making connections in life up to this point and identifying desired and needed changes – recommended two to three sessions per month

Integration– work on connecting internal changes in perspective and orientation to self and others to day to day life in the present.  Recommended one to two sessions per month. Group therapy is usually useful here.


Contemplation – work on taking in life and challenges up to this point, and observations of how relationships with self, other and world have developed – recommended three to four sessions per month

Transformation – work on the process of change in relationships – external and internal – recommended two to three sessions per month.  Group therapy may be useful here.

Fruition – work on solidifying new perspectives, orientations, and relationships.  Recommended one session per month and group therapy – which is often useful here.

Couples Therapy Approach

David’s approach to couples therapy uses a blend of approaches -- from Gottman and Emotion Focused to Imago, Object Relations, and Integral Theory.  My goal in working with couples is to work with "turning towards" each other and deepening emotional connections and bonds.  David believes that good couples therapy results in a sense of connection in a mutual journey towards growth and deepening.  


Couples Therapy is often relied on in times of emotional/relational crisis and can be very effective in these times of crisis.  Additionally, couples therapy can be guide couples towards deeper intimacy, rekindle connections, or explore elements of relationship previous to marriage.


David considers his Couples Therapy practice to be a vital part of his suite of therapeutic services.  David is currently focusing study on deepening couples work by moving towards certifications in Gottman Method, Imago Relationship Therapy and Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy.

David offers a four-session couples evaluation that concludes with a no-obligation summary with recommendations.  This is a perfect structure for couples that are wondering whether couples therapy is right for them.

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Fees & Insurance

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, most services David provides are covered by standard medical insurance policies.  Medical Insurance and Mental Health Services are not always matched well. Medical Insurance is structured around physical health treatment philosophy and process.  Mental Health treatment often does not work within the same parameters… Further many insurance companies have contract clauses around access and payment that actually make it more difficult for mental health therapists to provide quality and accessible services to clients.  Being out of network allows David to provide higher quality services to his clients in a more efficient way. As a courtesy, David can “balance bill” directly to most major insurance companies.  

David's years of experience in the field and impact around complex life challenges are factors in fee setting which can be discussed further at initial consultation.

Training & Consultation


Clinical Consultation & Supervision

David is a national credentialed Approved Clinical Supervisor. He is board approved to provide certification for postgraduate interns towards licensure and certification for the following credentials:

Oregon Licensed Professional Counselor

Oregon Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Oregon Certified Gambling Addiction Counselor

Additionally, David is a qualified Supervisor of Supervision for new Clinical Supervisors.


David is an experienced clinical trainer specializing in co-occurring disorders, philosophy of addiction treatment, and process addiction, among other specialty topics.  Click here for training and consultation updates.

David also offers consultation services for counselors new to private practice, newly licensed and program development for community based mental health and addictions clinics.  Email David for more information.


Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision



More Information


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